Law Office of Jonathan R. Howden
Areas of practice and expertise

Jonathan’s practice focuses on white collar criminal matters. He specializes in criminal antitrust, fraud, high tech, environmental and international financial matters. His representative matters include:

  • Successfully defended at trial a company and its President and CEO accused of attempting to defraud the United States Military in a procurement subcontract. Mr. Howden led a team of lawyers who secured a directed verdict of acquittal at the close of the government’s case.

  • Successfully defended a multinational corporation in connection with two separate criminal antitrust investigations.

  • Convinced federal prosecutors to abandon a criminal investigation into a national company in an investigation into alleged computer intrusion and theft of trade secrets. Jonathan demonstrated that neither the company nor any of its executives unlawfully accessed a competitors proprietary information.

  • Successfully represented a company in connection with a nationwide criminal antitrust investigation, convincing the prosecutors that neither the company nor its offices had engaged in any criminal conduct.

  • Successfully represented a multinational company and one of its managers in an investigation conducted by state authorities looking into alleged fraudulent activities. Jonathan convinced the authorities that neither the company nor the individual acted with criminal intent.

  •  Successfully represented executives and managers in numerous grand jury investigations involving criminal antitrust, theft of trade secrets, environmental crimes, fraud, perjury and other criminal activity.

  • Successfully represented a European bank, securing the expeditious release of more than $500,000 million in funds that had been seized by the United States Department of Justice

  • Conducted an internal investigation of a multinational company which had been defrauded by one of its payroll managers. Jonathan presented the results of his investigation to federal authorities who subsequently prosecuted the former employee on wire fraud, computer hacking and money laundering charges.